Capture the castle to win the battle!
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Sneaky Dragon

Object of the Game
Capture your opponent’s Castle.

Starting position
Each player places 3 Shield pieces and a Castle in front of them, leaving room in the center for the battlefield and additional pieces.

Adding Pieces
Each “Ro-Battle-Bo” throw winner starts by adding a Helmet to their side of the battlefield.

Helmets are the only pieces that can be directly added to the battlefield and are used to upgrade to your Sword and Dragon pieces (see Upgrading Pieces chart).

Upgrading Pieces
Player is able to attack his opponent only when he/she has upgraded to a Sword or Dragon piece.

Upgrade Table


  • Sword - able to perform one attack action against opponent.
  • Dragon - able to perform two attack actions against opponent OR able to steal opponents Shield, if its red side up, and place it your own defenses green side up.

 Attack Options

  • Remove a green Helmet off the battlefield. Helmets do not play the red side in this game. 
  • Flip a green Shield, Sword or Dragon to red.
  • Remove a red Shield off the battle field.
  • Downgrade a red Sword to green Helmet.
  • Downgrade a red Dragon to green Sword.

Players can attack opponent’s Shields or Castle without first clearing opponent’s other pieces off the battlefield. Dragons make two attack actions on either the same piece or on two separate pieces or is able to steal a Shield if its red side up.

Repairing Pieces
When you win a Ro Battle Bo throw, player is able to flip any red Helmet, Sword or Dragon back to green. This counts as the players move. Shields cannot be repaired or added in this game. 

Winning the Game
Once all your opponent’s Shield pieces have been removed, capture the Castle by winning the final “Ro Battle Bo”. 

Celebrate with a dance, cheer or fist pump but remember to be a good sport and always accept a request from your opponent to play again.




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