Capture the castle to win the battle!
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Disclaimer: The gifts listed are just recommendations. Its up to each individual to do their own research before making any purchasing decisions. We hope you find something fun!

BattleBo - $12.99

BattleBo takes the age old game of rock, paper, scissors and boosts it to a whole new level of competitive game play.

The goal is to destroy your opponents' defenses and sack their castle.

The game can be played heads-up or tournament style. Extreme fun for all ages!

With a single game purchase, players can play alternate versions or create and submit their own to us for consideration.

There are currently 5 alternate games to try out. The game list grows, so keep checking back for new ones.


TENZI - $14.95 

Everyone gets ten dice. Someone says “Go.” Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. Sure, there are a few more rules, but you get the idea!

Altai Balla Hok (Kids) Skis - $119.95 – $219.95

Balla is the word for a kid or child in the Altai Mountains so it seemed appropriate for our kids version of the Hok. The Hok is a playful ski even for adults, so we felt it was the ideal type of ski for a kid to learn to ski on. It's slower then a regular ski, making the Balla Hok stable and easy to use. It is the perfect ski to just go out and play in the snow.

We feel the Balla Hok, especially when matched with a universal binding, can be the first ski starting at age 5 or so and go up to 8 or 10 years old, depending on the size and proficiency of the child using it.


Telestrations - $24.99

Telestrations "The Original" for 8 players is what got the party started!

Over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths.

Perfect for families, small parties or friends; LOL fun for everyone!

Award Winning Party Game - great ice breaker.

No Drawing Skills Required; Stick figures & sense of humor welcome!



Niya - $12.95

In Japan’s Imperial Garden, courtly manners and nature’s beauty veil a dark political conspiracy among two influential clans. On each turn, players replace a garden tile with one of their clan tokens. The next player can only exchange a token for a garden tile that has an element in common with the previously chosen tile. The first to position their clan in a row, square, or blockade will win control of the garden…and power at court! A simple yet sophisticated abstract strategy game, Niya captivates players young and old.

    Ages: 7 to Adult
    Players: 2
    Play Time: 10 minutes


    Wits and Wagers - $34.99

    Wits and Wagers, the game of guts and “guesstimates”, is a fast-paced game that combines the most interesting elements of trivia with the excitement of gambling.

    Players can win by making educated guesses or by having the guts to bet on the high-payout answers of their friends.
    Whether it’s the dramatic “all-in” question or the thrill of winning more chips, Wits and Wagers makes any gathering a party!

    Ages 10+ | 3 – 7 players


    Balaphone 6-Note Instrument - $70

    Enrich your home with the beauty of music by incorporating this traditional West African design. The Ghanaian Balaphone Percussion Xylophone is handcrafted for both decorative and functional purposes and will add sentiment to your home.

    Created by master Ghanaian balaphone craftspeople, each small balaphon includes six or eight wooden notes and calabash gourd resonators of decreasing size. The entire piece is lashed with strips of goatskin and mallets are included. Musicians will find this instrument appealing both in sound and in hold, while for the rest it makes a beautiful addition to your decor setting. From Africa by Swahili.


    Innovation - $20.00

    Card game that simulates the development of civilization by building a tableau of cards.

    105 unique cards, each depicting an idea, will allow you to advance your society and sometimes attack your opponents'. While the basic rules of the game are simple, managing the different cards becomes an intriguing puzzle.

    Can you claim enough achievements before technology moves past you?


    K'Nex Roller Coaster - $34.95

    Go back in time with the Infinite Journey Roller Coaster Building Set, from K'NEX. The slingshot launcher sends the coaster car up the hill and spiraling through the track! This set comes with 347 parts, primarily rods & connectors, to build a K'NEX thrill ride! And if you collect the Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set and Revolution Ferris Wheel Building Set (sold separately), you can have a working amusement park right in your home!

    Recommended for builders ages 7+.


    Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates Dice - $56.93

    Featured in Pirates Dice are detailed replicas of the props used in the movie
    Feature the movie logo engraved on the bottom of each cup
    Comes with 4 custom dice cups and 20 custom dice with skull and cross bones.

    Recommended Age: 8+


    Vota Solar Racer - $24.99

    Start your engines!

    If it’s a sunny day, you’ll be the first to zip across the finish line with this DIY Solar Motorcar Kit.It contains everything you need to assemble a fully functioning car, including the world’s first flexible polycrystalline silicon solar cell used for powering toys. No special tools or batteries are required—just your hands and a need for speed.


    GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope $39.95

     With this durable, lightweight telescope, young scientists can explore the natural wonders of Earth, from birds to animals, or the craters of the moon and beyond. It’s also perfect for backyard exploring and on-the-go discovery. 

    Powerful telescope for land and sky exploration.

    Delivers clear, up-close images at magnifications of 20x, 40x, and 80x

    Lightweight and portable.

    Tabletop tripod with easy-to-use mount.


      Sheriff of Nottingham - $34.99

      1st game in the new, exclusive, Dice Tower Essentials line of games.

      A Social game of bluffing, bribery and negotiation.

      A fun and engaging game that is sure to keep everyone guessing, bluffing, and laughing out loud!

      Experience Nottingham like never before, through the eyes of the Sheriff!

      Open negotiation provides hilarious moments between merchants and the Sheriff.


      Times Up - $29.99

      The game is played using a set of 40 randomly chosen name cards, known as the Deck of Fame. The Deck of Fame is used throughout all three rounds of the game. Each team gets 30 seconds to guess as many names as possible, with one player giving clues to his teammates. Players use words, sound effects and charades as they give their clues, but speech becomes more restricted as the game progresses in rounds 2 and 3. On each team's turn, one member of the team is the Cluegiver and the rest are the Guessers.

      Ages: 13 & up
      Players: 3 or more
      Playing Time: 60 min
      Contents: 525 cards