Capture the castle to win the battle!
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We're in Books Inc!

Thank you Books, Inc Burlingame for stocking our game! Books Inc.1375 Burlingame Ave.Burlingame, CA 94010(650) 685-4911  

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Stamping the baggy. Starring...

Once we got the game pieces dialed in and looking good, we needed a means to package them. We elected to package the game pieces in cotton drawstring baggies. We like the look and feel of the bags and they can double as the container to transport player's games. In an effort to keep production costs down and thereby game costs down, we opted to hand stamp all bags. This will get old quick, but until we find a cost effective alternative, its hand stamping, hand stamping, hand stamping. Using the same laser etcher we use for the pieces, we etched...

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First Production Run

After a few prototypes and gathering feedback from friends and some strangers, we picked a path. We are manufacturing the pieces using a laser etching machine.  The designs are etched out of boards we hand paint. Once etched, the pieces are cut from the board. We then flip each piece and place them back into the now cut board; using the board as a jig for placement. We then etch the back side of the board.  Here are some new pieces fresh off the laser etcher. You can see they have a green side and a red side. The only...

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Second Prototype - Getting Close

After testing the homemade prototype on a camping trip, we decided to invest a bit of time and money into creating pieces with better aesthetics - to see how our kid's friends would react. We printed the (temporary) art on stickers and placed them on finished wooden nickels. For what they were, they worked great. We were able to confirm the ease at which kids picked-up the game rules and the fun they had playing. This temporary "trial" solution also confirmed for us the direction we were planning to take with regard to piece construction. We were heavily leaning toward a...

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First Prototype - Voila

game development

We created a prototype to test the interaction and appeal with kids. The goal was to create a game which reasonably resembled our vision and test it on an upcoming camping trip with seven year old boys and girls. We purchased some wood disks from Michaels, colored and glued printed clip-art images to them Voila!! The game was received well. The kids easily understood the game rules and had a blast playing. We were interested to see if the novelty would wear off. We were pleased to watch, over the course of about 90 mins, two of the campers playing the game as...

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