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Kickstarter Campaign

game development kickstarter

Well we took the plunge and finally launched our Kickstarter campaign. Our intention was to launch the campaign at the beginning of the year, but first wanted to understand what our costs would be to get the next generation game to market. For that, we engaged with manufacturers, requested samples and quotes. When we felt comfortable with product quality and cost, we did some simple math to come up with our Pledge Goal. We wanted to hit the sweet spot of raising just enough money to cover costs without so much padding that we would risk not getting funded.  As it stands, the minimum...

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BattleBo Tournament - Books, Inc.

In recognition of National Independent Book Store Day, Books Inc. hosted a BattleBo tournament. It was a great time for the the kids who participated and us as we witnessed how passionate the kids are about our game.  As the average round of BattleBo is between 4-6 mins., we decided to have a double elimination  tournament, allowing each player to get at least two chances, spread out a bit, to play. We hosted a 30mins pre-tournament practice session for participants who were not familiar with the game.  We were happy to have some last minute entrants enter and for one,...

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ToyFest West 2016

conference toyfestwest

BattleBo made its way to ToyFest West this year. It was a good opportunity to meet with buyers, distributor and sellers. Albeit a good bit smaller than ToyFairNY, we still made some good connections and collected some great data points. 

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ToyFairNY 2016

conference toyfairny

We attended this years ToyFair in New York. Several people leading up to the show suggested we attend. "You have to go; its the biggest event of the year for Manufacturers and Buyer in the industry." It certainly felt like it and we were happy we attended. The Javis Center was packed with exhibitors and buyers walking the floor. Our mission while there was to meet as many manufacturers and distributors as we could; the goal being to mine contacts who could help us mass produce our game and distribute it to the masses. In the weeks prior to the...

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TechShop Member Spotlight

TechShop, which is where we make a majority of our game components, did a spotlight on us! TechShop has been instrumental to our success. We joined to take our game from a rough prototype to a retail worthy consumer product. The staff and members there were all harm, friendly and helpful - giving of their time and knowledge.  You can read the spotlight here.

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