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Updates — game development

New Games Have Arrived!

game development update

Can we get a Whoot, Whoot? We just received the newly manufactured BattleBo games. Since launching last year, we have been self-manufacturing (that is to say hand making) the BattleBo games. BTW, if you own one, you may want to hold onto it - It could be worth something significant someday. :) We digress... Where were we? Oh yeah - Due to the increase in demand for the game, we decided to outsource manufacturing. We spent months engaging manufacturers - checking references, reviewing samples, tweaking designs and materials before settling on the best relationship we could find. It was a lengthy and arduous process - but we made it...AND...

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Kickstarter Campaign

game development kickstarter

Well we took the plunge and finally launched our Kickstarter campaign. Our intention was to launch the campaign at the beginning of the year, but first wanted to understand what our costs would be to get the next generation game to market. For that, we engaged with manufacturers, requested samples and quotes. When we felt comfortable with product quality and cost, we did some simple math to come up with our Pledge Goal. We wanted to hit the sweet spot of raising just enough money to cover costs without so much padding that we would risk not getting funded.  As it stands, the minimum...

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First Prototype - Voila

game development

We created a prototype to test the interaction and appeal with kids. The goal was to create a game which reasonably resembled our vision and test it on an upcoming camping trip with seven year old boys and girls. We purchased some wood disks from Michaels, colored and glued printed clip-art images to them Voila!! The game was received well. The kids easily understood the game rules and had a blast playing. We were interested to see if the novelty would wear off. We were pleased to watch, over the course of about 90 mins, two of the campers playing the game as...

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