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New Games Have Arrived!

game development update

Can we get a Whoot, Whoot?

We just received the newly manufactured BattleBo games. Since launching last year, we have been self-manufacturing (that is to say hand making) the BattleBo games. BTW, if you own one, you may want to hold onto it - It could be worth something significant someday. :) We digress... Where were we? Oh yeah - Due to the increase in demand for the game, we decided to outsource manufacturing. We spent months engaging manufacturers - checking references, reviewing samples, tweaking designs and materials before settling on the best relationship we could find. It was a lengthy and arduous process - but we made it...AND the games look fantastic!


Below is what updates were made to the game.

Bags - We now offer BattleBo in four different color baggies - orange, green, red and black. The bags are more durable than the original cotton bags and are water resistant.

Coins - It was important to us that we continue to use wood coins. We prefer the look, feel, weight and sound over other options such as plastic. We also like that they are eco-friendly - considering the game is designed to be taken anywhere and played everywhere.

Instructions - We opted to use a thicker stock of glossy paper, not just for look and feel, but so the instructions would hold up longer. BTW if you loose or ruin your instructions, you can always download a new copy or copies of our alternate games from our site.

Price tag - Designed a clam shell (circle) price tag which resembles in size and color the Castle coin. Pretty nice touch if you ask us.

A big "Thank you!" to all our customers, family and friends for your support. 


Team BattleBo


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