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ToyFairNY 2016

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We attended this years ToyFair in New York. Several people leading up to the show suggested we attend. "You have to go; its the biggest event of the year for Manufacturers and Buyer in the industry." It certainly felt like it and we were happy we attended.

The Javis Center was packed with exhibitors and buyers walking the floor. Our mission while there was to meet as many manufacturers and distributors as we could; the goal being to mine contacts who could help us mass produce our game and distribute it to the masses.

In the weeks prior to the show, we had engaged with a manufacturer to create samples of our game in consideration of possibly using their services for all future manufacturing. Its was fortuitous that they would be attending the show and we were able to meet, review their samples and provide feedback. With any luck we'll have a new set to review in time for ToyFestWest in March. Perhaps more on that later. 

We also came home with a handful of sales reps and distributor connections and a few new friends. 



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