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Etsy 2015 Indie Holiday Emporium

Wow!...about sums up our experience at this years Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium. 

We were invited to share a booth with a fellow TechShop manufacturer. On short notice, we pulled a few dozen games together and headed to the show. Miles was there demoing the game and handing our free game coins to kids and parents who passed by.  The show was a mad house; far more people and chaotic than we could have imagined. It was great for the sellers, but I could see how shoppers would have been a bit put off by the lines and crowds.  Within the first two hours we sold through 80% of our inventory. I had to start discounting the game if a customer would allow us to ship him/her our game the following week. We wanted to make sure we had enough inventory for the rest of the day, not to mention on Sunday. Most customers agreed, with their concern only being "make it before Christmas"; which we did. All orders found their homes with time to spare.

We only spent two hours at the fair on Sunday for fear that if we hit any production hiccups it could impact our ability to fulfill orders in time for Christmas. We'd rather slow it down than disappoint customers.  

Miles selling at the fair and his sisters fulfilling orders (Pajama Packaging) the days after.

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