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Stamping the baggy. Starring...

Once we got the game pieces dialed in and looking good, we needed a means to package them. We elected to package the game pieces in cotton drawstring baggies. We like the look and feel of the bags and they can double as the container to transport player's games. In an effort to keep production costs down and thereby game costs down, we opted to hand stamp all bags. This will get old quick, but until we find a cost effective alternative, its hand stamping, hand stamping, hand stamping.

Using the same laser etcher we use for the pieces, we etched our design into a piece of 1/8 thick plumbers rubber. We then glued the stamp to a board and affixed a drawer nob as the handle. YES! Ingenious!

Hand stamping the bags gives a great rustic affect. We like that the printed image isn't perfect and uniform. We think it works.



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