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Kickstarter Campaign

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Well we took the plunge and finally launched our Kickstarter campaign. Our intention was to launch the campaign at the beginning of the year, but first wanted to understand what our costs would be to get the next generation game to market. For that, we engaged with manufacturers, requested samples and quotes. When we felt comfortable with product quality and cost, we did some simple math to come up with our Pledge Goal. We wanted to hit the sweet spot of raising just enough money to cover costs without so much padding that we would risk not getting funded. 

As it stands, the minimum run is 2,000 games. While our first run will eat up a majority of our campaign funds, there will still be enough to invest in expansion set design and development. 

We appreciate any help and contribution, no matter how small. Please consider pledging and after doing so, brag about how great you are to all your friends, family and co-workers. You deserve to gloat a bit.



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